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Want to know the SECRET to making the SALE through online marketing?

I like to abide by the three “V’s”.




✨ VISIBILITY = profitability.  If you want to make money online - you need to be VISIBLE!

IT’S NOT ENOUGH to post 1-2 times per week and half ass your IG stories.

SHOWING UP and becoming VISIBLE is what is going to really make an impact! If we really want to be serving and helping, it’s important that we are visible and people know that we exist and that we can solve their problem!

✨ VALUE:  Give away your 5 best pieces of content and turn it into lead magnets... I have 5 lead magnets (or as I like to call it - FREE CHAMPAGNE!) that I hand out like hotcakes! Either via my monthly newsletters, Facebook Biz page, Insta DMs or my IG bio.

Many times, people want to work with us because WE BLEW THEIR MIND!

ESPECIALLY if our FREE value made an impact (i.e cash money 😉)!

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✨ VULNERABILITY:  According to Oprah: “Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence. Because unless you can allow yourself to take the risk… To be open. To live as a whole hearted person… you realise you’re just like everybody else. And that gives you the confidence to show up as yourself!”

Your job is to be the BEST YOU that you can be!

This is where vulnerability - showing the raw and the real; the ups and the downs; telling your unique story; putting your blinders up and just being YOU - is so important!

People buy from PEOPLE! They are buying YOU!

ESPECIALLY if it’s 1:1 coaching / support or mentorship. They want your energy and access to YOU! This is why storytelling is so important!

By sharing your unique story / journey, people are going to connect with that instead of solely posting tips.

Get really good at telling vulnerable stories because people will remember and connect / resonate with you. You will become more confident and more courageous and in turn connect with MORE people, leading to…. SALES!

Which of these 3 V's do you need to work on? 👇🏼

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