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Tips For Sharing Kangen Water With Local Businesses

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1. Make a list of every single place of business that would benefit from Kangen Water (or the business opportunity with Enagic) in your local area. The list should be very, very long.

Offices, food spots, cafés, juice bars, exercise studios, gyms, medical offices, physical therapists, spiritual healers, for a few ideas. The sky is the limit here.

2. Narrow that list down to 5-10 places that you feel the most excited about sharing Kangen Water with. This is where you'll begin. Choose places that you are likely to visit often. Maybe  you’ll focus on juice bars or yoga studios for now. Maybe you’ll focus on gyms or physical therapists. Whatever is most relevant to your life right now, begin there. Keep your long list somewhere safe to refer back to in the future.

3. Visualize yourself sharing this water (or this business opportunity) with these specific companies/places. Write down how you will feel when you share this water or opportunity with them, as well as how it will positively impact your local community.

Will it provide a zero waste water bottle fill up station for your local town?

Will it eliminate plastic bottles at your favorite health food shop?

Will it allow your local organic juice bar to wash all of their fruits and vegetables in 11.5 pH and remove harmful chemicals from pesticides and herbicides that are currently in their juices and smoothies?

Will it provide a healthy and safe drinking option for patients at your local doctors office or health clinic?

Will it allow a new vegan café to incorporate a new source of income into their start up business?

Then get excited on the reward of your hard work. Write down exactly how much money you will earn when you sell a trifecta or quad paid in full to each one of these 5-10 places of work. Write down which rank you’ll be when you’ve accomplished this. Get clear on the details and your intention behind sharing this water and movement. Get excited. You’re doing this!

4. Next step is to become a valued customer at your 5-10 places. You wouldn’t expect a stranger who knew nothing about you or your life to feel comfortable investing in a business endeavour with you, so it doesn’t make sense to expect a business or a manager to do the same. Make your face known at this place of work. Go in every weekend and buy a juice, take a yoga class, treat yourself to a massage or whatever you have to do to make a positive and supportive connection with the staff/manager/owner at this establishment. Consider it a business write off! You deserve it and it’s part of the job ;)

5. Be vocal and friendly! Say hello! Introduce yourself to the staff who work there. Tell them you live in the local area and are passionate about health, juice, kombucha, pilates, chiropractic adjustments, food, whatever it is they offer - make it clear that you support and love their product or services.

6. Once you’ve established a strong person connection with this business (which may take up to 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months, depending on how consistent/driven you are) reach out to the manager or owner and ask them if they would be willing to coordinate a 30 minute meeting for you to sit down and further explain the water machine or business proposal that you have that will benefit their business/customers/income. “I absolutely love coming in and getting your Green Giant juice every Sunday before yoga with my friends, but I am concerned about the quality of the drinking water used here. I know this establishment could benefit from learning more about improving their current drinking water, and I’m here to help. I’d love to share more info with you.” It’s best to go in face to face to request a meeting, rather than reaching out via email. Personal is always best.

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7. Figure out what the best possible way to “pitch” this water or business to them is! Is it the water or the business opportunity? What makes the most sense for their establishment?

8. If they’re running a juice shop (this is an easy example, so I’ll keep rolling with it) realize that this machine will serve them and their business in dozens of ways. A Kangen Water machine will allow them to:

- offer a water bottle fill up option

- a healthier and more sustainable water to incorporate into their juices + smoothies

- would allow their staff to sanitize + clean their hands/supplies/countertops, as well as allow them to wash ALL of their produce in this water

- they could advertise that they’re “Now using alkalized, hydrogen-rich Kangen Water in all of their juices and smoothies” (they could even raise the prices of their juice or smoothies a bit because of this 🙈) and proudly promote the fact they’re "going green" and encouraging their customers to do the same by eliminating ALL plastic bottles from their establishment.

The list goes on and on. Consider every aspect. In addition to having the water accessible to their staff, this water will benefit their customers (and their income) in a plethora of ways. Not only will their customers be drinking better (healthier, alkalized, hydrogen rich) water in their juices, they will have access to filling up their own gallons of Kangen Water each day in their local area, and will be eliminating huge amounts of pesticides and insecticides from their life.

The juice shop can invest in their own glass gallon jugs (available to purchase in bulk online for very cheap) and then brand them with their logo or stickers of their business name on them. I’ve seen it done on Kauai maybe times and it’s very hipster and “cool” to have your own glass gallon jug. They can then sell the jugs for $10 (or somewhere around this price) and earn a pretty profit from the jugs alone! They can offer “free” Kangen Water fill up to customers who invest in a gallon jug, or ask for a donation which can then be used to pay off their initial machine investment (or even better, donate this money to a local charity!)

9. If the business opportunity is the more appropriate way to pitch this movement, then get clear on the specific details that will best explain this. Explain to them that they can buy this machine and then advertise the fact that they have Kangen Water available to their customers/patients and use this as an incentive to get more customers in the door! They can promote water bottle fill up, knowing that when someone comes in to fill up a gallon of 9.5 water, they will most likely be purchasing something else in the store. They will also be telling friends and family nearby to visit this location to experience Kangen Water as well. Lastly, and most importantly, you can show them the Breakaway Movement business compensation video and explain that if any of their customers or patients are interested in investing in their own machine in their home, you will personally help them learn how they can begin to distribute their own machines and earn a generous commission off of every machine they sell. There are so many ways to go about this.

10. Once you’ve gotten clear on how exactly you want to pitch this opportunity, make or collect any resources or material you may need. You can make amazing (and cheap) brochures on or create a simple info-document on to break down the facts clear and simple, and make sure to leave it with them to look over and consider once you’ve left your 30 minute meeting. *** You can even team up with some fellow Breakaway Movement members who are interested in doing the same and collaborate on a brochure together before buying a huge order in bulk to split amongst you!****

Make business cards online (I have cards that say “Amelia Whelan - Hydration Specialist” with my email address and personal website. You can add your phone number or Instagram/Facebook handle as well. Make sure to leave a card with the manager, and tell them how excited you are to stay in touch and communicate further about this opportunity.

11. Once the machine is set up in their office or shop, help them share as much information on the water as possible. The more machines they sell - the more your business benefits! Print out and laminate the 68 ways to use Kangen Water, a little blurb on the different pH levels, a grid of which button produces which water, the health benefits of the water and the active hydrogen, or whatever you have that you think would interest others on the water. Make sure everything near the machine is water proof. Label as much as you can and use updated information, photos on any documents you share. Make it look good! Use photos of K8s preferably. Make sure there is a clear call to action for those who are interested in investing in their own machine, whether that be a sign that says “speak to management to learn more about investing in your own Kangen machine for home,” or “grab a business card below and contact ______ to learn more about investing in your own Kangen machine.” Make sure you’ve got a generous stack of contact cards available, and make sure the staff know too. If someone comes up to them at the counter and asks how they can go about learning more on the water or the machines, they should know to direct them to your business card or the manager’s contact info.

12. Final note, make sure the business is educated on the importance of cleaning the machine once a month and investing in a new filter each year! Send them over any YouTube videos you can to show them how to clean + maintain their Kangen machine. The better the water tastes and feels, the better people will respond to it. This is so important. Remind them to set an alarm on their phone 1x a month to clean and run the beauty water for ~5 mins a day (can use this water to mop the floors or water plants etc.) to remove any mineral build-up from the Kangen machine. We have a Hardware store on Kauai that has a Kangen machine in the back of the store (which is so awesome. People come in constantly, every single day, to fill up water, there is almost always a line!) but the owners never clean the machine and they are almost always out of Electrolysis Enhancer which drives me crazy! It’s not your responsibility to go in and clean the machine each month, but it is your responsibility to show them how to learn to do it themselves.

Best of luck and congratulations on growing your business and sharing this movement with others and our planet.

Any further questions, please ask your coach or fellow Breakaway Movement team member.

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