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Ten Steps To Grow Your Kangen Business Today

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1. Get your mindset right. This is key. Know that you have been brought here, and introduced to the Breakaway Movement for a very intentional reason. This business opportunity is for you. This movement is for you. This lifestyle is for you. We are all here together in this for the long run. This isn’t necessarily a “get rich quick” thing. Although you can. This is your online family for decades to come. Get excited. Your life changed for the better the moment you filled out your order forms. Know that there is always, always, always someone you can reach out to and ask questions to. Know that you are DESERVING of abundance and financial well-being. Trust that as long as you’re confident in yourself and confident in this movement, this business will treat you very well. Get clear on your visions with Enagic. How many machines will you sell? What rank will you reach? What type of team will you build? What clients will you attract? How much money will you earn? When will you earn it? How will you feel when you check your mailbox and have checks from Enagic waiting for you? What will you do with the money? Ask yourself these questions and then answer them. Write them down. Memorize them. Think of them every single day. Write and repeat positive money / personal development affirmations each day. Even if only for five minutes. Read books on money, self-confidence, and personal development. See our favourite books here.

2. Get educated on the water and the machines. Even if you’re not “in this” for the health benefits. You won’t become a top car salesman/woman if you’ve never driven a car. You won’t become a best selling author if you haven’t ever read a book. Watch videos online, dive into the Health & Water course in Breakaway Movement, experiment with the pH drops, learn more about the Enagic company, and get educated on molecular hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Ask any questions you have in the Breakaway Movement Community group. Have fun with it. Think “what questions would I ask if someone were introducing this water to me for the first time?” And then learn the answers to them. This water saves lives. Honor that and take time to get educated.

3. Share a longer Instagram story today! Whether it be a story on owning the machine/using the water in your home (washing your fruits and veg, disinfecting with the 2.5, or drinking the 9.5) OR a story on the business opportunity (get involved with an incredible community of like-minded conscious entrepreneurs online, work from wherever you’d like, travel the world while earning money, spend more time at home or with your family). No matter what it is you do decide to share, make sure it’s a STORY. Keep people reading. Use beautiful, high quality photos, incorporate videos and photos, use clear, easy to read, easy to follow text (not too much text on one slide) and always, always have a clear call to action for your audience. Such as “click the link in my bio to watch the Webclass or message me to learn more.” I usually write up what story I want to share in a note on my phone first and then break it down in small segments before posting. 15-25 slides maximum ⚡️

4. Film an IGTV video and share it! Even if it’s your first time ever! Pick ONE story involving Breakaway Movement or Kangen Water (how you became a part of this movement, how you’ve transformed your money mindset in the last few months, or your personal testimony drinking Kangen Water) and share it online! Make it short and sweet. No longer than 4 minutes. Put on your favorite outfit, sit in front of a bright window and film it on your phone (wipe any oil or grime smudges off your camera lens). Tell yourself how beautiful, confident and relatable you are out loud before filming 😉. Don’t worry if you mess up or sound awkward. It will be inspiring for people to see you put yourself out there and share a part of your personal life with the World Wide Web. If you’re hesitant to publish it, or feel embarrassed, just know that this video WILL make you sales (money) and benefit you in the long run. It will be worth it. Trust me. 💰

5. Get a white board or a poster board and make a list of every single person / business / family / yoga studio / office you know that could benefit from this water or lifestyle. Write every single name down. Even if there are hundreds. Title the list “PEOPLE I AM SELLING KANGEN MACHINES TO” and then take action. As you continue to make sales, take pleasure in crossing those names off the list one by one. Use it like a vision board, of sorts. 🌎

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6. Make more friends, online and offline. Take time to network and connect with others. Even if they’re strangers. The Celestine Prophecy is a great book that reminds us of simple truths such as - when we make eye contact with someone at a coffee shop or walking down the road, this is a sign from the universe that is an opportunity to pursue. Being put right in front of our faces. Talk to people. Be friendly. Establish trust. One of the first questions you’ll usually receive is “what do you do for a living?” Get clear on an answer that would excite and intrigue YOU if you were to hear someone else respond in this way. Feel free to “draft” up your elevator pitch and then share it in the Breakaway Movement group to hear feedback from others. I usually tell people “I run my own successful business online and work with a team of health conscious entrepreneurs who are passionate about environmental conservation and traveling the world. We work together as a community to bring on new team members who are interested in joining our movement and stepping away from the 9-5” (obviously this is customized to suit me and my lifestyle/brand) so yours may sound very different. That’s fine 🙂 🌺

7. Get clear on your “brand.” The moment you decide what your brand is - the moment you have a clear idea of what exactly you should be sharing online and on Instagram/Facebook. For me, I know that I can talk/share about traveling, health, spirituality and money mindset until the cows come home. I never, ever get sick or bored of talking about these specific 3-4 topics and am always learning more about them, so I have more info to share online. People know me as the “traveling/vegan/law of attraction girl,” which is exactly what I decided I wanted to be known as 😛 You’re in complete control of how you present yourself online. You might be obsessed with your family, children, biking, cooking, surfing, sex, art, music or DIY. Whatever it may be, get clear on a list of 3-4 topics that “define” you and start sharing a post on each one of these topics every single week in addition to ONE post about Kangen Water or Breakaway Movement. Ideally, you’ll be sharing 4-5 posts a week and ONLY one of them will be focused on Kangen or your business (with a clear call to action, as mentioned above.) Read “jab, jab, right hook” if you feel like you need more info on what to be sharing.

8. Get on social media and get active. Comment on friend’s posts. Follow accounts that inspire you and then check out some of the accounts who are commenting on their posts. Make new connections online. Get on Facebook and search for Facebook groups that relate to your brand. For example, I’m currently a member in a ton of zero waste, girls who travel, law of attraction and vegan Facebook groups. I take time each day to make myself known in these groups. I share my own uploads, comment on people’s post and FRIEND REQUEST them. Sometimes I go crazy and friend request 100-300 new friends in one day after seeing them share something that interests or inspires me in a Facebook group. The more “friends” you have on Facebook, the more exposure your 4-5 social media posts will have online and the more likely these people are to reach out and message you to tell you they're interested in hearing more or would like to watch the Webclass. It works. I promise you 👐🏽

9. Share the water! As soon as your machine is set up, you have unlimited access to (essentially) FREE samples to share with friends/family/anyone! Get excited about this and show your friends and family that they too now have access to this incredible, healing water each time they come over. Go to a local health food store or smoothie/juice shop and ask if they have any extra glass jugs or bottles they do not want. Collect extra gallon jugs to fill up with water when you leave the house to share with someone who may be suffering from a health ailment (or spending way too much money on knock off alkaline water.) Fill small spray bottles with 2.5 or beauty water and share that as well! Print out our blog, 68 ways to use Kangen Water, and pin it in your wall or fridge next to your machine! Show it to your friends when they come over or ask about the machine. Spread the health 💧

10. Host a 21 day Facebook challenge group that aligns with your brand. You can host it alone, or connect with other like-minded Breakaway Movement members in your area to promote it to a larger audience. I used to host “21 day vegan challenge groups” where I would invite anyone and everyone to join for free and commit to eating a vegan diet for 21 days. Everyday, we’d share photos and recipes of what we ate, how much water we drank, what exercise we did, 3-5 daily gratitude's and any documentaries or vegan videos we watched. Make sure YOU are the most active member in YOUR challenge group. Show up and show your face. Every single day for 21 days. Comment back, reply to questions, do a few Go Lives, share photos, links, inspiring (related) content etc. Your group can literally be about ANYTHING: Gentle parenting, prayer, meditation, juicing, mindset, reading, yoga or gardening. Promote the group for 2-3 weeks online (through IG and FB) to attract members before it begins. You can easily create cute online flyers on to promote your group in posts. Essentially, I’d spend 21 days building strong relationships with these people before the group would come to a close and I would pitch them on my health coaching services. (I wish I did Breakaway Movement at the time!) You will do the same, but with your own services. “Interested in working with me closely?” Or “Want to continue to work with me one-on-one?” Or “want to hop on the phone and hear more about the online business I run that allows me the time and location freedom to run these groups?” Or even “want to buy your own Kangen machine that you’ve seen me use daily for the last 21 days?” ✨

Okay. That’s it for now!

Love you all to the moon and back. Now let’s all change some lives and make as much money as me please! I need a few more traveling friends who can afford last minute airfare and cute eco-lodges in the jungle 😉🌴🌎🦋🦚

Amelia - Breakaway Movement Founder & CEO

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