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Success Series: Rebecca Akat

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This week’s Success Series interview is with Rebecca, a fun-loving traveller, and kind hearted leader within the Breakaway Movement community.

Rebecca lost everything to a fire in 2017 and saw this event as a way to start a new life, by following her heart, passions and joy in life, which led her to join our online community, quit her job after building her business for just 6 months and now welcomes consistent 5-figure months.

In this interview, Rebecca shares her biggest tools to help you fulfil your biggest dreams, how to wake up with excitement for life and find the joy in every second of the day. She also shares how to grow through adversity, so you know exactly how to respond the next time it comes around.

So, if you want to learn Rebecca’s top secrets in how to build a profitable online business without having to do so from scratch, whilst living every day full of joy and enthusiasm for life, then read on…


I am Rebecca Akat, 22 years old and currently living on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. I am originally from Germany and moved over to the states when I was 15 years old. I attended high school there and graduated in 2016. When it was time to pick a college to spend the next four years at, I decided that another round of classroom education was not for me, and instead took a year to travel. I ended up going to Australia, Thailand and Bali. My parents had moved from the US to Portugal during that time, so I came home to live with them for a little while. During that time, my parents held retreats where they offered breath work and plant medicine. It was a very inward time for all of us and never an easy one.

One night while we were at dinner, we were surprised by a crazy wildfire that had been making its way to our property without us knowing. We just made it out in time, but spend the entire night fleeing the fire and honestly barely surviving it. When the morning came, we went to our property and our entire home and retreat centre had burnt down. My 19 years of existence had disappeared overnight. It felt odd owning nothing but myself. It was as if a blank slate had been given to my family and I, giving us the chance to reinvent ourselves.

And so I took full advantage of the opportunity. Two week later I moved to Honolulu, Oahu with nothing but a suitcase and the few things I had bought for myself. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to find a job, or friends, or housing. But I just left because I knew I had to start living for myself and waiting in an area that had been devastated by the fire would not make that happen. I stayed in a hostel for the first 2 months that I was there. Then found a little room to rent for myself and job that just covered the bills, and I was happy. Because I had found a piece of myself again after the fire. I had found a home on Oahu and a beautiful community. It was comfortable and that was exactly what I needed at the time.

Two or so years passed and I was working in the food industry, living pay-check to pay-check. For a long time I told myself I didn’t need money to be happy and I could live on this little island with just the necessities. And while that is true, part of me longed for more. More freedom, more time for myself, more money to travel and to visit my family (who had moved to Santa Cruz after the fire). I just felt limited and knew I wanted to work for myself and make an abundant income doing so. But I had no idea where to start.

When Enagic and the Breakaway Movement presented itself to me, I knew this was what I had been calling in. I still remember my first day on Oahu, when I had a phone call scheduled with Amelia about investing into a Kangen machine. I had just lost everything to a fire at the time, so I didn’t think I was in a position to invest in the machine or the business. But the opportunity was available to me all along. The timing just wasn’t right. Until 2 years later, in February 2019, I connected with another Breakaway Movement member, Marissa and invested into the business. Six months after starting, I quit my job. A year later, I had achieved my first 5-figure month. And a little over a month ago, I hit 6a - one of the highest positions in the business!

It has been the best decision of my life and every day I am so grateful that I made the leap.


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To wake up everyday with excitement for life.

There were so many days in the past, before I started this business, that I dreaded starting the day because I had to go to work, or because I was worried about money. It felt like there was one limitation after another. And that was not the life that I wanted to live.

Being able to wake up in the morning and decide what I want to do is one of the biggest gifts of them all. Life is SO much easier when I go with the flow of the day and allow myself to follow my highest excitement of everyday, and with that have more fun. I truly believe that my purpose and my ‘why’ is to remind myself and the world around me to find the joy in every second of the day.

And this business supports that in every way.


A typical day looks different every day.

But, I would say I normally wake up at around 7am, drink a big glass of 9.5, go out on my porch to journal and meditate. Then I’ll do some sort of movement. Most day it’s 30-40 min HIIT or some sort of workout, somedays it’s an easy yoga flow or stretch session. Then I’ll shower, get dressed and make my breakfast.

I normally will do a little bit of work most days, check any messages and do anything that I feel an urge to do. Some days that looks like 40 minutes of work, other days it looks like 6+ hours of work. Then I’ll spend the rest of the day either going out into nature; the beach, running errands, watching a sunset or meeting friends for dinner.

I really try to tune into what feels good in the flow of the day and then do that.


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I feel like online marketing chose me, haha. It kind of just fell into my lap.

Part of why I started this business was because I believe in the product (Kangen Water) so much that it was a no brainer to invest into it. The other part is that I always wanted to work online for myself but never knew how to start. And this business just ticked all the boxes.

I also always loved sharing my story via Instagram and documenting my life through pictures, and that is a big part of this ‘job’!


You can make money doing a lot of different things and a lot of different jobs. Money isn’t hard to make. And it will come and go.

But if the work you are doing means nothing to you, it will leave you feeling drained and only cause you stress. When you do what you love and make money doing it, that is passion, and that is when work won’t leave you feeling empty and will instead fill up your cup.

My advice would be to really feel into your passions and your highest excitement and with that think about what lifestyle you want to live. And then allow yourself to build a business that supports that.

Enagic and the Breakaway Movement can be a starting step for a lot of people. Because it gives you the tools you need to build a profitable online business without having to do so from scratch. It is literally a business plan that is being handed to you, you just need to make it your own! Also know that if you are aware that you don’t necessarily want to sell water ionisers your entire life, allow yourself to use this as your first stepping stone in building a solid financial foundation for yourself, so you can build upon on it with other career avenues or the exact lifestyle that you desire for yourself. This is a tool to help you fulfil your biggest dreams.


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Online marketing has allowed me to connect with the most beautiful people that I now call my best friends.

Bless Instagram and the Breakaway Movement for this opportunity, because literally 90% of my closest friends own a K8! We are all on the same wave length and all have the same kind of mindset and lifestyle, which makes this ‘job’ just that much better.


Adversity and doubt is all part of the journey.

Without contrast, this business wouldn’t be as life-changing as it is. If it were a walk in the park, everyone would be doing it and would be successful at it. But it puts you face-to-face with your limiting beliefs and struggles, that might not be easy to look at.

So I let myself feel the adversity and doubt, because I am aware of the importance it has in my journey. Getting the doubts out of the way will only happen if I allow myself to feel them, observe them, and not act on them, and instead receive them with an open heart, tell myself that I am capable, and remind myself of how far I have come. Grow through the adversity, so you can know your weaknesses and get familiar with them, so you know exactly how to respond the next time they come around.

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  1. Don’t complain. Just start with what you have and what you know. Do not put your energy into excuses. Excuses and complaints are honestly just wasted energy. Yes, there will be adversity and doubt, like I said earlier, but the trick of moving past them is how you respond to them. You can keep talking about all the things you cannot do and why you haven’t seen progress - or you can make progress by learning how you can do it! This is your business and your responsibility. You signed up to be your own boss remember ;). So allow yourself to see where you feel stuck, and then with what you can do and what you do know, make a small start. Nothing happens overnight. But the seeds need to be tended to every day and they cannot grow if you keep asking why they haven’t grown yet.
  2. Less is more. I truly believe that the less I do, the more I attract. And this does not mean, do nothing and expect your first 5-figure month to roll in just like that. You need to create momentum and put in the work. I have learned to concentrate on one thing at a time and give it my 100%, instead of doing 10 things at once for my business and being all over the place. Quality over quantity is key. When you start coming from a centred and aligned place, your business can do the same. It is an expansion of you and your energy. So put in the work and then open yourself up to receive the gifts. If you are always doing and sharing energy and information, you will never allow yourself to be in the receiving mode.
  3. HAVE FUN! Yes you heard me, FUN. If you do not have fun with this, it wont work. If you are always stressed and obsessing over why it’s not working, you’re vibrating at a low point and are always putting energy into the lack of what is. The moment you have fun and feel joy, your vibration lifts to one of the highest there is, and life can be in much more flow because you are putting out the energy of joy and abundance! When you vibrate high at this level, you will only attract more of it. You want to feel abundant and happy? Well you have to embody it first. Tell yourself: “The more fun I have, the more money I make!”


Life will feel like it can cheat you out. Life can leave you with a lot of doubt and uncertainty. Some days you will wake up with your head clouded with worries and it will seem like the ‘better future’ everyone keeps talking about will never meet you in the present moment.

But you will keep going. Because your biggest strength will always be faith and trust that you are being led to amazing things. And one day, you will wake up in a beautiful room with the sunlight hitting your wooden floors and rainbows literally outside of your window, and you will thank yourself for never giving up. And you will thank the bad days because they were actually just there to make sure you were going to make it to where you are today.

Life is never cheating you out. Your path is simply providing you with little detours to help you to reach your fullest potential. It is all of the heavens plan for you. Never doubt that. Keep trusting - especially in uncertainty. That is where the most exciting things happen. Because a lot of the time, freedom is actually just disguised as uncertainty.


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The last gift I gave, was a K8 to my grandpa!

He has been there all along for me - always helping me financially and paying for my holistic health school. He was actually the one who allowed me to start my online business because he lent me the money to make my investment into a K8.

So I wanted to give back to him, so he can experience the incredible health benefits of this machine!


Ahh, this is such a hard question. Hahah. Probably “Ashes to Gold”, due to losing all my belongings to the fire, which really pushed me to make my life the best possible version there is - to make it golden!

Now, if you’re not walking away full of inspiration and the motivation to take action TODAY towards your dream life after reading this interview with Rebecca - then you need to go back and read it again!

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