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Here are 6 simple things you can do to increase your reach RIGHT NOW:

⚡️ Clean up and optimise your social media profiles:

- Have an easy to remember username

- Make sure your profile picture is of yourself (preferably where you are smiling at the camera)

- Add a nice cover photo with info about you and your brand (you can use Canva for this)

- Add a short and very specific bio about what you do, include keyword-rich descriptions (that still sound natural)

- Have a trackable link (ie Pixel) back to your website

⚡️ Create a Facebook business page. Don’t spend too much time on making it look “perfect”, add a profile picture of you or your logo, add a cover photo (again, you can use Canva for this), add a little “About us/me” description, and post a few value posts to the page. Make the call to action button “Message us/me”, so people can get in touch with you and you can build a connection.

⚡️ Create a group to spread value to your following. Add people to your group once you have connected through messages, and make sure to post daily value in the group.

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⚡️ Cross-promote and link ALL of your online platforms. Every place that your business has a presence should also showcase your social media platforms. On your website, your storefront, your business cards, the signature on your emails, anywhere you can think of. You want your presence to be known everywhere which will ultimately grow your organic reach immensely.

If you have YouTube, add a link to your Facebook group in the description of your videos. On your personal profile, add links to your business page and other Social Media channels. In the announcement post of your group, add your links with a call to action. You can add a “Click here” in your cover photos and put your group link in the description of the photo (so they see it once they click).

You should also add follow buttons on your personal website so users to instantly follow or “like” your page, without having to leave your blog or website.

⚡️ Publish content with no expiration date and consider solving common and persistent problems in your industry. Even better, post something entertaining as well as high value. Humour, shock, or awe are great emotions to target with content.

⚡️ Join Facebook groups related to your niche. Really, all relevant groups, where your target audience is actively participating. And INTERACT with people!

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