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These incredible humans all have one thing in common - that they made the choice to pivot from their old lifestyle that was no longer serving them and design their new reality. It is true when they say “surround yourself with people who have the success that you want” - this absolutely is the quickest way to grow. Our family holds an experienced and supportive space for you to really get a headstart on your next chapter.







The problems
with our water

The problems
with our water

full of chemicals

  • Our municipal tap water supply is full of pollutants and chemicals like, rust, chlorine, and fluoride, which causes inflammation and disease in the body. If water makes up over 70% of our body, why aren’t we fueling ourselves with chemical-free water that promotes health and healing? 

    In essence, our lasting health performance and energy levels are all negatively impacted by the poor-quality drinking water we are consuming every single day.

    In essence, your body's health, performance and energy levels are lowered.

It tastes horrible

  • Using man-manufactured plastic water bottle to store our drinking water is not only destroying the planet, but also destroying our health. Plastic contains harmful chemicals like PCB (an oil and coal byproduct), DDT (a carcinogenic pesticide), and PAH (a coolant), but its most harmful chemical may, arguably, may be Bisphenol A, better known as BPA. Not only is the chemical composition of plastic water bottles a threat to our health, water bottles come at a huge cost for our environment, often being bottled, packaged, shipped and stored in various parts of the world before being shipped around the globe. The production of these plastic bottles alone creates a huge carbon footprint on our earth.

    In addition, Drinking water from plastic water bottles strips the body of minerals and dehydrates you.

Bottled water is Destroying our planet

  • Single use plastic is destroying our earth and polluting our oceans.

    Over 60 million plastic water bottles are used and discarded every single day around the world.

    According to National Geographic, Out of that 60 million, less than 9% of these bottles end up being properly recycled and a majority end up in oceans, landfills and water ways around the world.

    Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today.

About Breakaway Movement

Breakaway Movement is an online community and educational platform that will guide you through your personal transformation into a healthier, more sustainable, and more financially independent lifestyle by providing you the tools you need to become a Kangen Water Machine Distributor.


If you are health-conscious, Earth-loving, and seeking to live life by your design, our platform is for you. Immerse yourself in a community of innovative thinkers and leaders that will support you every step of the way through group and one-on-one mentorship.


BAM is designed by inventive entrepreneurs that felt unfulfilled and restricted by conventional ways of working. Our founders wanted to create a means of generating income that allowed for total location freedom, community engagement, and positive environmental impact.


We believe that you should be able to experience lasting health and financial prosperity on your own schedule from anywhere in the world. The Breakaway Movement has everything you need to effectively run your own successful online business and start living the life you’ve always envisioned.

About Breakaway Movement

Breakaway Movement is an online community and educational platform that will guide you through your personal transformation into a healthier, more sustainable, and more financially independent lifestyle by providing you the tools you need to become a Kangen Water Machine Distributor.


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hours of educational training courses and live video lectures


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Our focus


The need for community is ingrained into the human psyche; we crave it, and we thrive with it. BAM’s accessible online platform is designed with connection in mind. With over 4,000 global members, BAM is composed of individuals with different skill sets from different cultures who all share a common drive: enhance their health and the health of others, live sustainably, and become self-reliant entrepreneurs.


More and more people are becoming curious and educated on ways they can maintain and heal their bodies naturally, yet they aren’t focused on the quality of water they are consuming. Our bodies are composed of an estimated 60% water. BAM understands that drinking the highest quality water available on the planet is essential to our longevity; that’s why we strive to educate others on the importance of optimal hydration.

Self Reliance

More and more people want to break out of the monotonous molds of society and start earning income and living life on their own terms. The journey to total self reliance is incredibly rewarding and empowering, and we can assist you in getting there.


With countless resources available on the internet, self-education is quickly becoming the new norm. BAM serves as an educational platform not only for how to distribute Kangen Water Machines, but also for branding, social media marketing, business basics, health and wellness, and personal growth.

Courses to guide you through your journey, including:

Business Basics

Launching An Online Business

Lightroom photo editing and photography

Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook organic + ads

Offline Sales

Sales Training

Health & Water

Money Mindset

Law of Attraction

Software to Help Build Your Business

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